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Depression Two: Used As An Escape

There are times when we will choose depression over dealing with something challenging in our lives. Sometimes we may be afraid of the consequences if we actually face and do something about what’s really bothering us. Sometimes we may feel helpless or hopeless at making any changes and will simply back away from the problem. Here are some examples: A woman is in a loveless marriage but counseling or divorce is looked down upon in her family so she simply does nothing and enters into a chronic depression. A man is working for a boss who is a tyrant and rather than look for another job or confront his boss he chooses to tolerate the situation and enters into a depression. A successful woman refusing to face her own perfectionism finds herself experiencing stress and depression over thinking she’s not producing enough for her employers. A young woman goes into a depression when she refuses to confront her best friend for gossiping about her. A mother feels depressed when she agrees to going to a family reunion she does not want to attend. As you can see depression can be a choice. One can choose to be depressed rather than facing and acting upon a challenge. Once you realize and accept that life has its difficulties and are willing to face and act upon them, you are well on the road to happiness. Sometimes the solution to your depression is complicated and demands some difficult changes. Most of the time the changes and demands are not as bad as you may think.

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