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Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Eight

Do you ever feel at war within yourself? You can feel two-sided about many things, even have serious conflict within, one side pulled toward negative feelings and behaviors and one side pulled toward healthy thoughts and acts. Read this series on Core Beliefs and learn how to understand and resolve such inner conflict.

Conflicting Beliefs

It is possible to have conflicting beliefs about yourself. For example, you can believe you are worthy while at the same time believe you are unworthy. How is this possible? As a child you may have had experiences that caused you to decide that you are not worthy. As an adult you have come to see that you are worthy. However, having consciously changed your perception of your worthiness does not necessarily mean that you have changed your subconscious or childhood perception of your worthiness. We can carry old beliefs from childhood that still affect us in the present even though we are not aware of them. There is a child within you that carries one perception and an adult within you that carries another. Consequently, your adult self may profess one belief while your child self may profess an opposing belief. Often people tell me they believe one thing about themselves while their lives reflect a completely different belief.

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