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Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Seven

Read about Katie. She got into trouble when her core beliefs took over and she tried to compensate by faking it. Learn the much better way to get what you want! Read this series on core beliefs and original programming. You will be enlightened.

About Katie

Katie was a very energetic woman in her middle years. She suffered from temporary bouts of depression that blocked her efficiency and well-being. Katie, although bright and intelligent, was unwilling to examine her core beliefs. Katie wanted a quick fix; self-examination was too much work and too uncomfortable.

She sold real estate and was always looking for new ways to increase her sales. She often listened to tapes intended to help her develop new skills and inspire her to greater heights. Katie was particularly drawn to the ideas of an individual who claimed that all you needed to do to reach your goals was to copy behaviors of successful people. In his audio tape series he said that it didn’t matter what happened in your childhood, that all you had to do is copy others and your life would be permanently and positively altered. Katie was impressed by this. It meant that she didn’t have to do any of the hard work of self-examination. All she had to do was to figure out how she was supposed to act to get greater sales volume, mimic that behavior, and she would get what she wanted.

There is some truth in this kind of approach to life. It is based on the idea “fake it until you make it.” Acting as though you are what you want to be can help you become what you want to be. However, this approach can be misleading. It is like putting icing on a poison cake; it can cover up a multitude of problems that left uncorrected can cause serious problems. You must examine your underlying core beliefs. If your hidden beliefs about yourself, others, and the nature of reality are self-defeating, then superimposed behaviors will not change those beliefs or the outcome. You may end up sending double messages to yourself and to others. This can result in confusion and failure.

Since Katie did not want to examine herself, she was attracted to the ideas she wanted to hear. It sounded easy and painless. She decided to try it out. Because Katie had not changed her underlying negative beliefs, people saw through her “act.” They thought of her as insincere and did not trust her. If Katie had been willing to look within herself and change her self-defeating beliefs, she would have expressed herself with sincerity. People would have responded with more trust and a willingness to work with her. There is no quick fix or easy way to happiness and success.



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