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White Lies: Are They Harmful?

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Are white lies harmful? What is a white lie? When is a white lie OK? When is a white lie really a black lie? Can people tell when I am lying? As a psychotherapist I am interested in these questions. As a human being I am really interested in these questions. Here is my perspective … Read more

Positive Communication Exercise

How you communicate molds your relationships. Healthy productive communication is difficult. So difficult that most people don’t have a clue as to how to communicate with even those closest to them. Most communicate in ways that actually undermine their ability to fill their needs, experience love and connection, and create positive outcomes. So here is … Read more

Communications Workshop

People want to learn how to communicate more effectively. Most of us have had poor role models for how to communicate in a loving and productive way. Instead we tend to be overly nice, passive-aggressive, or tactless. We can become dismissive and simply not address the  most important communication issues in our lives. How can … Read more

Win-Win Communication Workshop in San Diego & Encinitas

In a recent Win-Win Communication Workshop held in San Diego and Encinitas one of the participants wrote this mindful and clear account of what they learned: Dear Wendy, It was indeed a wonderful workshop.  I learned to check my intentions before confronting others.  In that, I mean, that instead of assuming that the problem needs … Read more