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Communications Workshop

People want to learn how to communicate more effectively. Most of us have had poor role models for how to communicate in a loving and productive way. Instead we tend to be overly nice, passive-aggressive, or tactless. We can become dismissive and simply not address the  most important communication issues in our lives. How can we learn to; turn around a negative situation or ask for what we want without fear of rejection? These are the questions frequently asked by my clients. Simply put it all begins within you. If you are connected to your true self, the part of you that is not run by fear, anger, shame, or grief, then you have the connection that can tell you how best to communicate. The trick is healing the fear, anger, shame and grief from the past that has held you back from saying those things that are helpful, loving, and productive. Learn more about how to do this on this site. Come to one of my workshops where you can heal and learn to communicate effectively.

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