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Win-Win Communication Workshop in San Diego & Encinitas

In a recent Win-Win Communication Workshop held in San Diego and Encinitas one of the participants wrote this mindful and clear account of what they learned:

Dear Wendy, It was indeed a wonderful workshop.  I learned to check my intentions before confronting others.  In that, I mean, that instead of assuming that the problem needs to be discussed and “solved”, If my intention is peace, then consider the possibility of changing myself first, and then see if that helps.  Maybe the communication doesn’t even need to happen.  Maybe the communication is within myself.  Understanding the situation from the others’ perspective may be all that is necessary for me to realize that that the person whose mind needs changing may very well be my own.

I also learned (again) that we are all precious wounded children, and should be treated gently.  This goes for others as well as ourselves.  Keeping this awareness will serve to soften the approach and lessen the tendency for criticism and blame toward myself and others.

Thanks for all you do and for your constant presence in my mind.

To this participant I am grateful for their courage to learn and their clarity of thought. Indeed much of win-win communication has to do with our own attitude and willingness to take responsibility.

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