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Part Two: My Experience

Call To Adventure: Online Workshop

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​When you allow yourself to follow your own Truths it is a thrill. It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff your new wings spread wide barely dry from unfolding. You are about to take the great leap of faith to trust that what you are following will lead you to your heart’s desire. You are about to fly. Dare you follow that passion within? Will you like who you will be? Will you be safe? It takes courage to follow your Truths. It takes courage to know your Truths. If you do you will surely be brought to your center. You will find your True Self, your Spirit. You will find the glory of yourself. It is a Call to Adventure like none other. If you listen to it, it will pull upon your heart, compel you to take action, and lead you to your light. It is irresistible. It is your call to life, your Call to Adventure.

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Introduction & ​Meditation

Part ​1: My Challenge

Part ​2: My Experience

Part ​3: My Intuition

Part ​4: My Denial

Part​ 5: Acknowledging My Resistance

Part​ 6: Finding Support From Within

Part ​7: My Past

Part ​8: Overcoming My Resistance

Part ​9: My Childhood

Part ​10: Finding My Warrior Spirit

Part 11: Identifying ​Childhood Pain

Part ​12: Facing My Childhood Pain

Part ​13: Rescuing My ​Inner Child

Part ​14: My Next Step

Guided Meditation

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​Music Video​: “​Call To Adventure”

Song Lyrics

​I feel it under my skinIt’s pulling me like a stormIt started deep withinAnd now its taking formLike a thrill it has me deep insideIt promises something greatThere’s no way I can run from thisThere’s no way I can waitIt’s a call to adventureThis feeling is sublimeIts wind blows me to who I amTo what is really mineIf I follow this call Who am I to beWill I like who I’ll becomeWhen I find the real meIt’s a call to adventureThis feeling is sublimeIts wind blows me to who I amTo what is really mineI must follow this callI must face the stormI must risk the fall‘Till a new me is bornIt’s a call to adventureThis feeling is sublimeIts wind blows me to who I amTo what is really mineTo what is really mine

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The ​​Important Questions ​To ​Ask ​Yourself

Answer the question(s) that best fits your problem or goal. Then listen or read you answer looking for insights.

1.      ​How is my challenge expressed in my life?   

​What am I actually experiencing?

​2.      What challenges are surfacing in my relationship(s)?

Be specific.​Who?Under what circumstances and times?

​3.      Do I hear, sense, or feel a little voice within myself telling me to pay attention to something?

​What do I realize I have denied?What does that little voice tell me?

​4.      What self-defeating patterns do I have?

​Be specific.

​5.      What am I doing in my life that I don’t love?


​6.      I have had a tendency to sweep my problems and challenges under the carpet.

​What don’t I want to sweep away any more?

​7.      I have an insistent little voice within that says I need to change my life.

​What is the change that is needed?