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Introduction & Meditation

Call To Adventure: Online Workshop


​The Meditation begins at 8​ minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

​Hello, I’m Dr. Wendy Hill. Welcome and congratulations. In participating in this workshop you are taking an important and powerful step in your own personal and spiritual growth. I welcome you to greater feelings of well-being and peace of mind. This workshop will help you identify and transform your self-defeating core beliefs. It will help you connect with what in your past has caused you feelings of anxiety, depression, dysfunctional relationships, and self-defeating behaviors. You will be able to not only identify what happened to you but what self-defeating core beliefs and patterns came from those experiences. You will be able to actually communicate with the part of yourself that carries those self-defeating core beliefs and in doing so actually change your subconscious and conscious perception of who you are. And in doing that you will be more confident, more at peace, more clear thinking, and more able to say and do those things that you know you want to say and do.

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Introduction & ​Meditation

Part ​1: My Challenge

Part ​2: My Experience

Part ​3: My Intuition

Part ​4: My Denial

Part​ 5: Acknowledging My Resistance

Part​ 6: Finding Support From Within

Part ​7: My Past

Part ​8: Overcoming My Resistance

Part ​9: My Childhood

Part ​10: Finding My Warrior Spirit

Part 11: Identifying ​Childhood Pain

Part ​12: Facing My Childhood Pain

Part ​13: Rescuing My ​Inner Child

Part ​14: My Next Step

​Now consider this universal truth: You are fully responsible for your own well-being. You are not responsible for the happiness or well-being of others nor are they responsible for your happiness or well-being. By doing this workshop you are taking full responsibility for your experience in life. By understanding and accepting this your life is already getting better.​So here is how this workshop works. We will begin with a guided meditation to help you become relaxed and centered. Then you will be guided through fourteen stages. Each stage is designed to prepare you for your next stage of growth and self-understanding. The first stage will help you define your goals for this workshop, your call to adventure. The following stages will help you expand your intuitive perceptions, assist you in exploring your natural denial of your past, help you overcome your resistance to exploring childhood memory, assist you in finding your warrior spirit, help you identify your childhood challenges, aid you in actually facing your childhood hurts, helps you in understanding what self-defeating attitudes and patterns came from your childhood pain, show you how to rescue your wounded inner child, and inspire you to feeling the peace and resolution that comes with facing those things that hurt you in the past.​After your guided meditation you will begin the fourteen stages. Each stage begins with an introduction followed by a song with lyrics that reflect certain psychological truths. Music and lyrics are powerful and can reach your subconscious and awaken and enhance your ability to learn. So allow the lyrics and music to stimulate and inspire you. After each song you will be presented with a series of seven questions. Each question offers you the opportunity to challenge yourself. Read all the questions and then choose one or two that best fit your challenge. You can answer them by recording on your phone for later listening or by writing them down for later reading. If speaking your answers set up your phone now for recording. Otherwise make sure you have a notebook ready for writing.​Before you begin decide what challenge, upsetting feeling, desire, issue, or problem in your life you want to address. This workshop will support you toward meeting your challenge, solving the problem, realizing your dream, taking a stand, or expanding your awareness.​When listening to the songs and answering the questions take your time. Slow down. Listen within yourself. Pay attention to your feelings. Put thought and effort into your chosen questions. Sometimes you may need to take a break, take a walk, or sit and meditate on a question before answering. You may even want to step away from the workshop for a time before moving on to the next stage. The thought and feeling you put into listening and answering the questions will determine how productive the workshop will be for you.​Some emotions you may experience in this workshop may cause you discomfort. I call this healthy suffering. It is the discomfort that comes from doing something of value. You are the one that is of value. Your wellbeing is worthy of this effort. Don’t quit this workshop. Take it to the end. I promise you that you will be glad you did. In moments it’s kind of like going down a dark tunnel. You know the light is there at the end of the tunnel so you keep moving forward. Because this workshop may evoke childhood memories and emotions make sure you are rested and ready to face your past. Some of your emotions may be unsettling especially if you experienced some trauma ​in childhood. Feeling your emotions is a necessary and positive aspect of personal growth. Allow yourself to feel. Your emotions are often the springboard to growth and understanding yourself. You must open your mind and your heart. You will need to humble yourself to the truth of your past experiences. If you think you are emotionally stressed due to some illness or crisis, undertake this program with the guidance and support of a professional.​When listening to the songs and answering the questions go deep within yourself. Trust that you have the answers. Do not settle for “I don’t know.”  If you feel stuck simply guess. Guessing opens the door to knowing.​Use your intuition. Continue writing or recording. Your intuition will guide you when logic and memory fail to do so.​If you find you are not letting yourself feel or are judging it may be because you have distanced yourself. Try not to analyze. Ask yourself what might be blocking you. Often emotional blocks come from fear of remembering something that will cause you emotional pain. If you hit an emotional wall or experience emotions that feel too overwhelming, then reach out to a professional and get some extra support.​Once you have spoken or written your answers listen to or read your response. Doing this will give you a distance and perspective that may ring a bell or switch on a light. Look for insights and clues to solving your problem or reaching your goal. Then go to the next stage of the workshop.​Remember that you are not alone and that you can change your life for the better.​OK, so let’s get started. To help you get focused and relaxed I am going to lead you though a relaxing meditation. The purpose of this meditation is to help you let go of your analytical judgmental mind and to open your intuitive feeling mind.

​Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and begin to let go of any stresses you may be carrying in your body.​