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Part Five: Acknowledging My Resistance

Call To Adventure: Online Workshop


​Those old patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting from childhood get carried forward into the present. Those old patterns that once served us can now hurt us. They can be like invisible ropes that tie us down, that keep us from being happy and healthy. Think for a minute. Does judging, defending, justifying, attacking, or withdrawing really get you what you want? Does it help you to act smaller than you really are? Does it really do good to say what you think others want to hear rather than say what you mean? Does it help you not to say what you want? Is avoiding confrontation and not taking a rightful stand really of value? Does withholding your love get you the love you want? All these things are what we do to avoid pain. We experience unhealthy suffering as a result. Unhealthy suffering is the discomfort we feel when we seek to avoid taking responsibility for our lives and to avoid pain. It is an endless circle of false hope and denial. Healthy suffering is the discomfort we experience when we do something that is difficult for a virtuous cause. Healthy suffering is short-term, intense, and is always followed stronger character and feelings of empowerment and self-esteem. We don’t have a choice in life as to whether we suffer or not. We all do. But we do have a choice as to what kind of suffering we will endure.

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Introduction & ​Meditation

Part ​1: My Challenge

Part ​2: My Experience

Part ​3: My Intuition

Part ​4: My Denial

Part​ 5: Acknowledging My Resistance

Part​ 6: Finding Support From Within

Part ​7: My Past

Part ​8: Overcoming My Resistance

Part ​9: My Childhood

Part ​10: Finding My Warrior Spirit

Part 11: Identifying ​Childhood Pain

Part ​12: Facing My Childhood Pain

Part ​13: Rescuing My ​Inner Child

Part ​14: My Next Step

Guided Meditation

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​Music Video​: “​Invisible Ropes”

​Song Lyrics

Feels like invisible ropes that have me bound and tied
Born of my desire to find a place to hide
It’s a prison that I have made
A terrible game that I have played
I don’t need this danger
Make it go away
I don’t need this danger
There must be something I can say
I never wanted to pay the price
And now look at me
I never wanted to take advice
I just let it be
When I’m mad sometimes I just go numb
When I’m sad sometimes the feelings don’t come
Greatness commands a price you say
Well, what is the price I have to pay?
You talk of healthy suffering
That that’s the price to pay
To sacrifice for something good
That that’s the only way
Unhealthy suffering goes on and on
It can become an addiction
You can never solve what’s really wrong
It’s a blind conviction
I don’t need this danger
Make it go away
I don’t need this danger
There must be something I can say
I never wanted to pay the price
And now look at me
I never wanted to take advice
I just let it be


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The ​​Important Questions ​To ​Ask ​Yourself

Answer the question(s) that best fits your problem or goal. Then listen or read you answer looking for insights.

​1.      I admit I have been in denial and I’m ready to move forward.

​What is the unresolved burden I carry within myself?

​2.      What has been my resistance to facing my challenge?

​These are my attitudes and behaviors that may have been blocking my ability to take responsibility.

​3.      How have I rationalized my problem?

​What are my self-defeating patterns (thoughts and behaviors) have kept me from acknowledging my problem(s)?

​4.      What do I know I have to give up in order to meet my challenge responsibly?

Be detailed.

​5.      My health has been suffering.

​How might my health problem be a warning sign about some unresolved problem in my life?

​6.      My relationship is not how I want it to be.

​How are my relationship problems a symptom of a deeper problem I have?What deeper problem?

​7.      I am not happy and I don’t know why.

​This is my guess at what the problem may be.