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Part Three: My Intuition

Call To Adventure: Online Workshop

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​There’s a knowingness inside of each of us. It’s a silent little voice that speaks to you. You can hear it through your intuition and your spontaneous thoughts. It’s the song in your heart. It’s your inspiration. It is your sentinel. It draws your attention to those things that need your attention. It is always speaking to you. It is your friend, your champion, your protector, and your guide. It is the source of your Truths and it will warn you when you are making choices that will lead you to unhappiness. When we are babies that voice is strong and we can hear it pulsing within us. Our inner voice tells us our Truths but sometimes we don’t want to know our Truths. It’s then that our inner voice can seem like an imposition. We can distance ourselves from it. We can learn to distrust it thinking that it will lead us to harm. We can even think that it doesn’t exist but like the wind it’s invisible caress will speak to you from within. It is your savior. It will awaken you. It will blow you to who you really are.

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Introduction & ​Meditation

Part ​1: My Challenge

Part ​2: My Experience

Part ​3: My Intuition

Part ​4: My Denial

Part​ 5: Acknowledging My Resistance

Part​ 6: Finding Support From Within

Part ​7: My Past

Part ​8: Overcoming My Resistance

Part ​9: My Childhood

Part ​10: Finding My Warrior Spirit

Part 11: Identifying ​Childhood Pain

Part ​12: Facing My Childhood Pain

Part ​13: Rescuing My ​Inner Child

Part ​14: My Next Step

Guided Meditation

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Original Music​: “​On The Wind”

​Song Lyrics

There’s a little voice inside of me
Telling me to hear
There’s a little voice inside me
Calling though my fear
It’s telling me to listen
It’s telling me to heed
It promises all I ever wanted
All I ever need
Oh, don’t go for another day hiding from the truth
Oh, don’t go for another day hiding from the truth
It is on the wind
(It’s blowing hard)
Meant to awaken me
It’s on the wind
(It’s blowing wild)
It’s meant for me to see
It’s telling me that I can’t hide
It’s voice is crystal clear
I can’t go on pretending
Not for another year
It’s telling me of trouble
That I have just denied
It’s telling me to take a look
To take a look inside
I must listen to that wild wind within
I must look inside to know where to begin
I must find a way to live this life I have
To feel the joy, to take a stand, to follow my rightful path
It is on the wind
(It’s blowing hard)
Meant to awaken me
It’s on the wind
(It’s blowing wild)
It’s meant for me to see

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​​The Important Questions ​To ​Ask ​Yourself

Answer the question(s) that best fits your problem or goal. Then listen or read you answer looking for insights.

​1.      I tend to be analytical and make decisions using logic.How can I better listen to my intuitive side?​Explain.

​2.      Describe what it feels like to listen to my intuitive voice, how I “hear” it, or how I “know” something.

Be specific.

​3.      What is my intuitive voice telling me now?

​Be detailed.

​4.      I don’t trust my intuition. I think I might be making up what I sense or feel.

​​Be detailed.

​5.      My intuitive voice is so small. How can l trust it and listen more deeply?

​Search within yourself.

​6.      I don’t hear, sense, or feel a thing.

​What do I fear I would hear, sense, or feel if I really listened?

​7.      I have not liked thinking that there is anything wrong with my life or wrong with me. How can I listen within to awaken to a new way of seeing my life?

Be detailed.