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Part Ten: Finding My Warrior Spirit

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​You may be thinking, “So you’ve brought me to this place of fear. You want me to find and rescue my forgotten child. That means you want me to remember things I don’t want to remember or worse, maybe even make up stuff that never happened just so I can find my calling. I don’t particularly like this but I think you’re probably right. I have reached a point in my life where I know that unless I do this I will never have the life I want. I know I have to face this. But how can I do this? I’m afraid and I want to turn back.” Have you ever heard of warrior spirit? Did you know that your warrior spirit is born of your anger at the injustices in your life. Yes. Your anger. Anger is like a river. In a storm it can drown a village killing all its inhabitants and vegetation. It can destroy everything in its path. Or if channeled correctly it can irrigate the village, nurture its inhabitants, and bring a source of energy to build and support the village. If you channel your anger, focusing its energy toward meeting a frightening challenge for a worthy cause, you will be able to meet that challenge bravely. Remember, courage is not the lack of fear. It is the willingness to persevere in spite of it.

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Part ​10: Finding My Warrior Spirit

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Guided Meditation

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​Music Video: “​Courage”


​Song Lyrics

There is something I know that I must do
But I’m not sure I can see it through
There must be some way that I can find
The courage to face this fear of mine

Well I know, I know

I know…

When I feel the fear inside
I want to run
I want to hide
But when I see what I must do
To live in truth
To be what’s true
I set my mind
I focus my heart
My fist in the air
And now I start
Courage is not the lack of fear
It is when the danger is near
To persevere in spite if it
So now I make a fight of it
I persevere through my fear
I persevere through my fear
I persevere through my fear
I persevere through my fear
Too much has been lost
I must win this fight
I am the warrior spirit
I must believe I’ll find the light
I must believe I’ll find it

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​​The Important Questions ​To ​Ask ​Yourself

Answer the question(s) that best fits your problem or goal. Then listen or read you answer looking for insights.

​1.      I want to take a stand and fight for my freedom.

​What is a virtuous cause (related to my challenge) that can motivate me to take risks?

​2.      Why is my wounded inner child worth savings, worth fighting for?

Be specific.

​3.      I am willing to build warrior spirit within myself to do what I need to do.

​How can I build warrior spirit?

​4.      I am afraid that if I have warrior spirit I will be angry at someone I love.

​What has caused me to fear my anger?

​5.      I am angry. I am afraid that if I express it I will hurt myself or others.

How can I release my anger in a positive way?How can I convert my anger into positive energy I can use to heal myself, do the right thing, or take a stand?

​6.      I can’t seem to get any warrior spirit.

​What am I afraid I will feel or experience if I allow myself to be empowered?

​7.      I don’t need warrior spirit. I have already forgiven my past and the people in it.

​How have I used forgiveness to avoid facing my own feelings or problems?