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Part Nine: My Childhood

Call To Adventure: Online Workshop


​You might be thinking, “’Easy,’ you say. You make it sound so easy. Follow my heart like I always know my heart? Tell you what I want like I always know what I want? Follow my dreams like I’ve always known my dreams? Most of my life I’ve just been trying to get by, to do the right thing for myself. You think it’s easy. I feel lost.” Do you really want to know the answer? It may be in the most surprising place of all. Your true calling is known by the most hidden and vulnerable part of you – your forgotten inner child. Yes, that part of you that you’ve been so determined to leave behind, to forget – your forgotten child. Your forgotten child is the part of you that you’ve pushed away during times of silent despair. It is the child within you that you denied because it was too painful to remember. Your forgotten child knows your dreams. Your forgotten child knows your calling. Your forgotten child knows who you really are.  Your forgotten child knows what treasures you hold within. If you want to follow your dreams you have to know your dreams. To know your dreams you have to find your forgotten child and take that child to the light of your acknowledgement, understanding, compassion, and love.

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Part ​9: My Childhood

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Guided Meditation

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​Music Video​: “​Forgotten Child’s Dream”


​Song Lyrics

I have a dream
It’s deep in me
Only that dream
Can set me free
It’s my forgotten child’s dream
I must find it if I can
I must try to remember
For it is all I am
Forgotten child’s dream
Forgotten child’s dream
Pulling on my heart
Tearing at its seams
Forgotten child’s dream
I must go into my darkness
I must find this little child
I must go into my darkness
And face the dragon wild
I must rescue my precious one
I must take it to the light
Rescue my precious one
Fight with all my might
Forgotten child’s dream
Forgotten child’s dream
Pulling on my heart
Tearing at its seams

This dream is my calling
This dream is in my heart
It will lift me up
And show me where to start
Forgotten child’s dream
Forgotten child’s dream
Pulling on my heart
Tearing at its seams
Forgotten child’s dream…

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Th​e ​​Important Questions ​To ​Ask ​Yourself

Answer the question(s) that best fits your problem or goal. Then listen or read you answer looking for insights.

​1.      I know I have forgotten or repressed some of my childhood memories.

​Who is my forgotten child? What is his/her suffering or need?

​2.      What are my self-defeating patterns I have brought forward from childhood?

​What caused these patterns?

​3.      I think I had a perfect (or normal) childhood or that others had it worse.

​What have I been denying that was painful?Now I can see this is not a competition.My own experience is important to acknowledge.

​4.      I know I was hurt as a child. I now see how.

What am I experiencing?

How do I feel?

​5.      I cannot remember much about my childhood.

What may be the benefit to my inner child to forget?What may I have “set aside” that I haven’t wanted to acknowledge?

​6.      I name four upsetting conditions and events that were ongoing in my childhood.

What am I experiencing feeling it again?

​I do not want to blame my parent for my problems. They did the best they could. I make a distinction between blaming my parents and acknowledging what they did that hurt me.

​What hurt can I now acknowledge?