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Woman’s Last Wish

A woman was dedicated to her husband and five children for over forty years. In all those years she rarely asked for anything for herself and allowed her husband and children to control and make choices. One day she was diagnosed with a terminal disease. It came to her that she had not allowed herself to have many of the things she wanted out of her life and her marriage. So she asked her grief stricken husband for something that she wanted. She wanted to live her last days in a little cottage near a lake and stream in the local mountains. As her husband was very wealthy it was affordable. Her children had long since moved out and had lives of their own. Her husband was retired and could move wherever he wanted. They were free to live a life different than what they had. Her husband was eager to give his dear wife what she wanted but was challenged by her request. He was afraid of the changes he would have to make in moving to a new smaller home and began to come up with one excuse after another against moving. The woman’s health was gradually fading but she still had enough strength to enjoy her new life in her dream cottage. But instead of asking her husband to honor her request she gave up her dream so her husband wouldn’t be burdened with having to change. What would you do?

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