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New Home Problem

A retired man and a woman lived in a snug little home in an upscale neighborhood with their collection of art and antique furniture. Their lives were centered around their possessions of which they were very proud. One day a fire swept through the neighborhood and burned their home to the ground destroying all their belongings. When the smoke had cleared and the ashes were picked through they decided that they would build again and this time they would build a beautiful home bigger and better than before. Two years later when their new home was finally completed they moved in and began to rebuild their art and antique collection. They now had the home they had dreamed of with a new collection of things that they could admire. One day something unfortunate happened.  The woman and the man realized that the halls were drafty, the yard difficult to maintain, the over sized pool too big for their swimming habits, the kitchen only partially used, and the general care of the property overwhelming. They longed for the intimacy of their previous home. They sat down and talked about it. What should they do? What would you do?

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