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Woman Sees Relationship Warning Signs

A young woman falls in love with a young man and moves in with him. The first six months are heaven and all seems to be pointing toward a wonderful future. The young woman feels like she has finally found love and settles into her new home and life. Then gradually things begin to make a disturbing turn toward trouble. They begin to bicker about little things and the young man begins to drink more frequently. Several times his drinking gets out of hand and once he looses his temper and punches his fist into a wall. When he sobers up he is mortified at what he did and promises that he will never do it again. The young woman forgives him and hopes that things will go back to the way they were. Then again one day the young man drinks too much and drives. He gets a DUI. The young woman is seeing all the warning signs that portend a bleak future for the relationship but she cannot bring herself to break up with the young man. She says she loves him and that loving him is everything. She cannot leave him without breaking her own heart. What would you do?

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