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Help The Dog

A woman was dedicated to her dogs and walked them every day. She was very responsible for her dogs’ well being in making sure they had seat belts when she had them in the car, never left them in the car for more than ten minutes at a time, made sure they were clean, gave them a lot of play time, and lavished them with plenty of affection. She was truly a dog person and loved them and all animals with her whole heart. One day she was walking them and encountered another dog walker heading toward her. The woman walking her dog asked if her dog could say hello to the woman’s dogs. She said OK and the woman crossed over to meet her dogs. In that encounter the other woman’s dog barked in the face of her dogs. Immediately the woman slapped her dog in the face. Her dog began to shake with fear and shame. The woman was horrified. How could she allow this to happen right in front of her? What could she do that would help that poor dog who likely experienced repeated abuse from the woman? What would you do?

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