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Win-Win Communication

The effortless, ingenious way to communicate!
You will never want to relate in any other way.

“After taking Wendy’s Win-Win Communication Workshop I joined the Peace Corps and faced the challenges of communicating with the people of Niger. Many times Wendy’s tools resulted in deeply satisifying results.” – K.M.

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Wendy Hill, Ph.D. will teach you the priceless skills of win-win communication. You will discover that this is the only way you will want to communicate. You will find any other way to be self-defeating, cumbersome, confusing and a waste of time. Win-win communicationoffers hope, real workable solutions, and common sense negotiationseven with the most ornery person.  You will learn how sublimely easy it is to get what you want even in the most difficult of situations — no struggle, no tantrums, no sneaky manipulations, and no emotional drama!  You will see how simple win-win communication is.  You will never want to communicate any other way.

You Will…

  • Communicate so everybody wins – no one loses, no settling for poor compromises.
  • Learn how you can negotiate with difficult, even “impossible” people.
  • Open the door to positive possibilities.
  • Find out how you can take control of your life through what you say and how you say it.
  • Enroll yourself and others to act on the highest and best for all.
  • Speak so your children really listen and respond.
  • Draw the kind of people and conditions to you that you want – ones that support you.

This class comes in several formats: telephone counseling, weekly classes, or weekend intensive retreats.  Please contact Wendy Hill for times, dates, and fees.

Wendy Hill, Ph.D. is a seasoned certified clinical hypnotherapist who gets to the root of any conflict and helps you transform your life. She has been in practice for over 30 years in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Trained in core belief transformation, Wendy is skilled in hypnosis and psychotherapeutic techniques that heal and transform. Located in San Diego area Wendy serves all.

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