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Past Life Regression Workshop in Encinitas and San Diego

Very soon I will be presenting a Past Life Regression Workshop in Encinias near San Diego. This workshop will focus on healing a present life challenge or conflict by exploring a past life that may have set up for the current life problem. In my experience this kind of therapy can be very powerful in resolving problems that cannot be traced back to childhood in this life. I am reminded of clients who have asked me to facilitate them in going back to a past life for the purpose of healing. The transformation into well-being after doing so in some cases has been immediate and profound. If you are interested in doing a Past Life Regression Workshop consider doing this one or one I present in the future. Even if you are on the fence as to whether we live again you may be surprised and pleased at the results and insights you may receive. For many on this planet past lives are an accepted reality. Many have recalled past lives and benefited from the memory. To learn more about past life regression therapy go to

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