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Weight Loss One: What Is Overeating Really About?

What is overeating really about? We humans are complicated creatures and each of us has our own unique experience in childhood and in later life. Complex as we are there is one central reason for overeating in most people. Most people overeat for comfort. Comfort eating is the by far the most common of addictions right up there along with alcohol, smoking, and a few others. Yes, overeating is a kind of addiction. So what is an addiction? An addiction is anything we do to avoid feeling discomfort or emotional pain. When we feel depressed, anxious, or otherwise uncomfortable we humans tend to turn to something to make us feel better. Food often does the trick. It’s instant gratification. And even though overeating can make you feel even more depressed or anxious, it takes away the pain in the moment. Many people will automatically seek out sugar and carbs (which turn into sugars) because of the instant reaction sugars have in the body. Sugars give a temporary lift of energy. Tired eating is also linked to this need to feel better. Some overeating has become so infused in one’s life that there are predictable times of the day and events that will automatically trigger the need for unnecessary unhealthy eating. Do you want to know why you overeat? Simply observe when you want to eat the wrong kinds of food and when and ask yourself what you are feeling emotionally. If yo are honest with yourself you will see that you are attempting to feel better in some way.

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