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Weight Loss Twelve: Being Too Nice Kerry’s Story

Kerry is a real people pleaser. She absolutely doesn’t want anyone’s feelings to be hurt so Kerry is nice and accommodating to all. As a result everyone loves Kerry.  The problem is that Kerry is overweight. To make matters worse her blood pressure is high and she has been told she could be a risk for certain types of cancer due to her weight. Kerry’s mother is also overweight and is also a real people pleaser. As Kerry grew up she repeatedly saw her mother put her own needs and wants last. So Kerry learned that was the way to be. To be any other way was to betray the teachings of her childhood. So in life Kerry rarely gets what she wants or what she needs. Her mother and father, her husband, her children, her friends, her boss, her in-laws, strangers all come first. Kerry’s most common phrase is, “I’m sorry,” and “I don’t know.” Recently Kerry has recognized that she is depressed. So she doesn’t draw attention herself or risk disappointing anyone Kerry is attempting to hide her depression from everyone. Her already out-of-control eating has increased. She just can’t get through the day without her comfort food of carbs and sugars. She secretly feels shame and embarrassment for her over-blossomed body. For Kerry to change her eating habits and to lose weight she must face her childhood teachings of putting herself last and find a way to be more “selfish.” For Kerry it could be a matter of life and death.

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