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Weight Loss Eleven: Losing And Finding Yourself Mary’s Story

Mary waited to get married thinking that she would find that perfect soul mate. Unfortunately that never happened for her. By the time she had reached her thirties she felt that if she would ever marry that she would have to compromise. So she she married a man that had custody of his two elementary school age children and committed to raising them as her own. Mary knew even as she walked down the isle that this was not the right thing to do, but she felt her options were nil. After the wedding Mary fell into a depression. She rationalized that it was the “adjustment blues” but her depression continued. It became a part of her everyday life to where she could not acknowledge her depression. She told herself that she had a happy marriage, a happy life. In truth Mary had not married for any of the right reasons. The marriage was a mismatch. Mary, already a smoker increased her smoking. And already a comfort eater Mary entered into a cycle of overeating and stringent dieting. On occasion Mary would buy a whole birthday cake and eat it in one day. She felt ashamed and out of control. And indeed she was out of control of her life. After twelve years of marriage and her step children grown Mary finally left the marriage. She quit smoking and got into truly healthy eating. Had Mary gotten the right kind of help she could have saved herself, her husband, and her step children pain. She lost twelve precious years to addiction and depression. Mary knows better now.

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