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Weight Loss Thirteen: Unnecessary Drama Relationships Jackie’s Story

Jackie takes things personally. She gets her feelings hurt often and will find fault with herself at the slightest suggestion. Unfortunately and predictably the friends Jackie has chosen are much the same. As a result their relationships are filled with unnecessary drama. Here’s a typical example: Tim’s busy and won’t return Jackie’s calls. Jackie’s feelings are hurt. Jackie buys two bags of her favorite chocolate chip cookies and eats them in her car on her way home from work. At home Jackie calls Connie and gossips about Tim. Connie sides with Tim who learns about Jackie’s gossip from Connie. When they meet at their local coffee-meeting-place the next day Jackie is aloof and cold to Tim. Tim becomes sarcastic with Jackie who flees the scene. Finally Connie comforts Jackie and some sort of resolution is accomplished. However, the negative energy that came as a result of the unnecessary drama brings about a pattern of repeated unnecessary drama and comfort eating. Jackie complained about her friends to her therapist who encourages Jackie to attend a personal growth workshop. There Jackie learns that she actually creates the drama by taking things personally and then acting out her emotions. She also learns that she has picked friends that do the same. Jackie finally makes a connection between her comfort eating and her life pattern of unnecessary drama.

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