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Weight Loss Seventeen: Gay Abuse Jerry’s Story

Jerry is gay and suffered unimaginable verbal abuse from his classmates and rejection from his parents. By the time Jerry was fifteen he was seventy pounds overweight and that number was growing. By the time Jerry came to therapy at age thirty he was seriously depressed and overweight. One thing Jerry had going for himself was hope. He hoped that some day, some how he would find his way in the world and find acceptance. Jerry went into counseling for two years of intensive childhood regression and healing. As a part of his therapy he joined a personal growth community of people who had gone though similar abuse and were committed to supporting each other. Gradually Jerry began g feel accepted and began to let go of his abusive past. It was only then that Jerry could risk letting go of his comfort eating. His second year into his healing he began to lose weight. It was gradual but little by little Jerry let go of his need for comfort food. He became more and more involved with being with people, giving what he could, and creating projects that took his attention and loving care. Jerry became an important contributor in the community, offering his compassion and advice to other gay men and women who had been abused.

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