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Weight Loss Eighteen: Tired Eating Millie’s Story

Millie watches her weight and exercise regularly. But Millie is a tired eater and in particular, sugar. Last week end Millie drove three hours to and from a family reunion. By evening Millie was exhausted. The next day she spent watching television, too tired to do her usual walk and weight room routine. While on the couch she couldn’t resist the urge to get up, go to he local market, and buy two bags of candy. As she drove home from the market she gobbled jelly beans. At home on the couch she continued with the jelly beans until she felt sick to her stomach. Of course Millie felt regretful of her indulgence but felt helplessly addicted to her tired eating. Perhaps Millie could have found a way to attend the family reunion without having to exhaust herself. Perhaps when exhausted Millie could have slept for several hours the next day instead of eating candy. Or perhaps Millie could have forgiven herself for her indulgence and moved on without guilt realizing that she needed to plan more carefully in the future. Sometimes we mess up in our planning. That’s OK and human. If Millie’s lifestyle rendered her consistently exhausted Millie would be wise to rethink her life. Too much driving, too late hours, too much to do in a day…all of this can put you into tired eating. If you are a victim of tired eating you can make changes. Work it out in your mind and make the changes.

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