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Weight Loss Sixteen: Childhood Abusive Isolation Britta’s Story

When Britta was a child her parents were very strict with her. Whenever her parents thought she needed disciplining which was frequently she was sent to her room and was forced to remain there for hours. Britta learned to keep her own company. Even though she longed for the company of others she gradually gave up hope that she would have people in her life. At school Britta isolated herself and when she was invited to an event she turned it down. Her parents’ disciplines had taken their toll. To comfort herself Britta ate. It’s not like she pigged out. It’s just that when she served herself a meal she gave herself double portions. Anyone would think Britta was a normal eater. She didn’t do cookie binges or sit with a bag of chips on her lap as she gobbled the chips and watched television. Britta simply over ate at meals. This comfort eating helped Britta with her loneliness. When she came to me for counseling for other problems Britta mentioned her desire to lose weight. We didn’t approach her overeating directly but instead addressed her childhood abusive isolations. As she began to heal those old painful memories Britta became more social. Her need to connect with people was finally becoming a reality. Automatically Britta cut back on her eating portions and the weight slowly came off in a natural way.

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