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Narcissistic Mother: Affects On The Family Alan, Karen, and Callie’s Story

Alan, athletic and intelligent, had two younger sisters. Karen, the oldest of the two sisters was spunky, energetic and creative. Callie, the youngest, tended to allow others to tell her what to do. Alan, Karen, and Callie had a narcissistic mother and each of the siblings reacted differently to their mother’s narcissism. Karen, the spunky one, was most targeted by their mother. Karen could never do anything good enough or be good enough. Mother constantly criticized her. Karen’s reaction was to rebel. By the time she was a teen she had run away from home three times and was addicted to alcohol and drugs. Mother made Callie her play doll, dressing her, doing her hair, and telling her what to do in all things. Callie responded by becoming docile and later married a man who took complete control of her. Alan was all but ignored by Mother unless it was to brag about him to her friends. She didn’t go to any of his athletic events nor did she encourage him to succeed. Alan eventually went his own way but all his relationships had a hollow, sad energy to them. Narcissism is a destructive ‘disease’ that robs children of their spirit and literally of their ability to know themselves. Unless treated with some powerful therapy a child of a narcissistic mother suffers deeply. Take the test. If your mother was a narcissist get some therapy and find out who you really are. You will love you.

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