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Weight Loss Five: A Change Of Attitude

Healthy eating requires a change of attitude and not only in how you think about food. It requires a change in how you think about your life. Happy people who are in harmony with themselves and at peace within tend to eat healthfully. People who are ill at ease with themselves and uncomfortable about something in their lives tend to be addictive and often overeat for comfort. Approach your new plan for weight loss to be a plan for positive life change. There are no magic wands. The only way out of the addiction of comfort overeating is by facing what is causing your need for comfort. Your comfort eating may by now be a habit, however, it’s not just a habit or addiction. Your overeating began at some point in your life and in your thinking and feeling about yourself and your life. There was and still may be some condition in your life that caused/causes you to feel anxious or depressed. You are at unrest within yourself. Find the source of that unrest and find resolution. When you do this you will have a new way of thinking and feeling about yourself and about your life. Not only will you begin to eat healthfully you will see other changes in your life that are perhaps even more profound. Your self-esteem will blossom. Your relationships will flourish. Your life style will be more satisfying. You will be the you that you were meant to be. So, while making your plan for weight loss, make a plan of how you are going to change your thinking about yourself and your life.

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