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Weight Loss Eight: Relinquishing Responsibility

The behavior most associated with comfort eating is the passive act of relinquishing responsibility. This passive and self-defeating act is backed by fear: fear of confrontation, fear of saying what you need or want, fear of saying “yes”, fear of saying “no”, fear of hurting someone’s feelings, fear of disappointing someone (dead or alive), and fear of being alone. The results of not taking an active part in the creation of your well-being automatically makes you anxious. And when you are anxious your mind seeks a way to find comfort. Hence, comfort eating! Say for example you have been invited to an event that you really don’t want to attend. And say you are afraid to say “I think I’ll pass” and instead agree to go. From that moment on you are going to feel uncomfortable, out of control, and anxious. Whether or not you are aware of these feelings on a conscious level, some  part of you (usually your vulnerable inner child) is feeling them. And that part of you is now on a quest to feel better. If comfort eating is your thing, then you may find yourself making a stop by the market to pick up something yummy. Have enough of this kind of behavior and you become a comfort food addict. No question about it. The way to solve it? In this example you simply say, “no, thanks” and face whatever may result from that decision. Now you are in control of your life.

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