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Weight Loss Nine: Taking Charge of Your Life

Hopefully now you realize that your overeating is comfort eating and has to do with an underlying lack of harmony expressed somewhere in your life. Hopefully you realize that there is no magic wand that is going to remove your addictive cycle. Realize that your overeating is a symptom and not the real underlying problem. You need to take greater control of your life. Take a closer look at your communication habits, your relationships, and your lifestyle. Ask yourself what is out of harmony, what you are doing that is not what you really want, what compromises you are making that are downright not healthy for you. Yes, life is full of compromise, disappointments, and sacrifices. However, if you are doing something that is not true to the real you then you are out of harmony and need to correct it. Perhaps the change you need to make is simply (but often not so simple to do) in your attitude. Perhaps you find yourself having made a commitment to a marriage or relationship that is completely wrong for you. Perhaps you feel hopelessly stuck in whatever choices you have made or what life has dealt you. Know this: you are only stuck in your self-defeating core beliefs about how to do life. Once you examine and transform those negative self-defeating core beliefs you are on your way to real happiness and the automatic end of overeating.

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