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Weight Loss Seven: Causes of Comfort Eating

Your core beliefs about yourself that were formed in childhood determine how you think, feel, and act, how you feel about yourself, what you think you can do, how valued and worthy you see yourself, how lovable, and how safe you feel. Anxiety, depression, addiction, and a host of other problems are based in core beliefs. Those high impact moments in your past were the defining moments that formed your core beliefs. Negative core beliefs are hidden and must be brought into consciousness in order to transform them into positive core beliefs. It’s those negative subconscious core beliefs that will get you. Those are the core beliefs that are the cause of comfort eating. How does this happen? If you carry a negative belief about yourself at your core level you automatically enter into a kind of depression/anxiety pattern. You behave in ways that defeat your happiness and inner peace. One can be so used to those feelings that one actually overlooks them and just adjusts. Here are some typical examples of causes of comfort eating: being criticized in childhood, being the product of a dysfunctional family, childhood sexual abuse, having depressed parent(s). In short, any childhood stress creates problems that can cause adult comfort eating. Here are some examples of self defeating behaviors that can come from childhood formed negative core beliefs: denial of problems, inability to confront problems, inability to say what you need, fear of confrontation, procrastination, and, again, a host of other self defeating behaviors that create a life that is not in your control. Comfort eating is caused by your feeling out of control of your life in some way. Get control of your life and you change your eating habits automatically.

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