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Dear One stop and think for a bit. You tell me you are angry at your friend that you have known for many years. You gossip about her as thought she had done something mean to you. Any yet when you tell me about what you think she did it amounts to nothing. Her friend cancelled coming to your party after you had planned to have him there and you had paid for his ‘plate’. So you blame your friend. Think a minute about what you are doing. Your pettiness may end the friendship. Is that what you want? Is it not better to consider why you are feeling the way you do and face your own shortcoming? I know it’s humbling and difficult to look at yourself. I know it’s easier to blame another for how you feel, to be a victim. But that pattern only repeats itself and you end up bitter and and angry. Facing yourself and the pain of doing that only last for a time. And once you take full responsibility for your experience you can change your attitude and as a result you are not only a better person, you find peace of mind. Dear One drop your pettiness. So you made a mistake. You’re only human. Let it go and love your friend. You both deserve it.

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