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Three HUGE Mistakes Women Make In Love: # Two

Mistake number two: “But I love him!” In huge mistake number one the mistake is thinking that your love will change him for the better. In huge mistake number two it’s thinking that because you are in love with him that is the best reason for staying in the relationship even if it’s a bad … Read more

Who Should Be In Control Of Your Love Relationship?

What is a healthy relationship look like? First let’s take a look at what’s going on with you and your loved one. What role do you play in your love relationship? Are you the one in control or is your significant other in control? Is one of you the ‘victim’ and the other the ‘bully?’ … Read more

I’m Afraid I’ll Never Find My REAL Someone

So many fear that they won’t ever find the REAL right one for them, especially if they have been disappointed or had a broken-heart experience more than once. If this is you, if you have been wondering if ever you will find a really lasting connection with someone please consider several REAL realities. First and … Read more