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I’m Afraid I’ll Never Find My REAL Someone

So many fear that they won’t ever find the REAL right one for them, especially if they have been disappointed or had a broken-heart experience more than once. If this is you, if you have been wondering if ever you will find a really lasting connection with someone please consider several REAL realities. First and foremost…you must first have a real, genuine, and healthy connection with yourself. This means that you have found that place inside yourself where you feel safe, loved, and whole. You cannot have this connection with yourself if you as still caught up in addiction or if you have low self-confidence or if you are so caught up in activities and other people that you don’t have quiet reflective time (no TV, no music, no nothing) with yourself. This connection essential to finding your REAL someone. When you are calmly connected to yourself, when you have some real peace of mind you are then in a position to meet and connect with the right person for you, a person that will also be connected within their true self. Relationships based on likes, dislikes, parties, workaholism, addiction, and even chemistry alone are doomed to fail. The only kind of lasting relationship is one that is spiritually connected. That’s the connection I’m talking about when you connect with your true self.  When two such people come together they recognize the connection and are attracted because of it. The relationship becomes a sharing of love rather than attempts at getting love.

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