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Who Should Be In Control Of Your Love Relationship?

What is a healthy relationship look like? First let’s take a look at what’s going on with you and your loved one. What role do you play in your love relationship? Are you the one in control or is your significant other in control? Is one of you the ‘victim’ and the other the ‘bully?’ Or do you never argue? Do you agree to everything? Do you argue with most things? Who makes the major decisions? Relationships are complex and the role you play in your relationship is a reflection of your core belief of how you view yourself. How you behave may also be a reflection of how your parent(s) behaved.

So what is a healthy relationship look like? In a healthy relationship both people are first and foremost ‘in love’ with themselves. Not the narcissistic kind of love, but the kind of self love where there is self-confidence, self-respect, compassion for the self, self-forgiveness, a sincere humility, and a willingness to learn. If both people strive to have this kind of relationship with him or her self, then that healthy way of being will be reflected in the relationship with each other. A good relationship is not co-dependent, but independently self-realizing. No one person is in control. There is no need for that for most things are accepted or negotiated in a win-win style of communication. Love and respect come naturally.

Most people do not have the great good fortune of being in such a healthy relationship. But it is possible. Just takes a little work. To learn more how go to Watch some of her videos or read some of her articles on relationship.  Wendy specializes in helping you have the happiness and peace of mind you were born to have.

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