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Narcissistic Mother: Affects On The Family Alan, Karen, and Callie’s Story

Alan, athletic and intelligent, had two younger sisters. Karen, the oldest of the two sisters was spunky, energetic and creative. Callie, the youngest, tended to allow others to tell her what to do. Alan, Karen, and Callie had a narcissistic mother and each of the siblings reacted differently to their mother’s narcissism. Karen, the spunky … Read more

Narcissistic Mother: Healing Narcissism’s Pain Lori’s Story

Lori never knew what it was like to feel valued. She was treated by her mother worse than Snow White’s step mother treated her. From Lori’s earliest memory her mother would lock her in her bedroom when she was “bad.” Often Lori would be allowed to come out for meals only. When Lori did interact … Read more

Narcissistic Mother: Narcissism Passed On To You Nita’s Story

Nita came to me desperate to understand how to resolve the problems in her relationship with her husband, her clients, and friends. It seemed she put everyone off, making more enemies than friends and alienating her husband. Nita was angry. Her very facial expression was that of disapproval and dissatisfaction. When she attended a personal … Read more

Narcissistic Mother: Programs Who You Will Marry Tom’s Story

Tom came to me several years ago having just been discovered by his wife as having an affair. His wife was unforgiving and was making his life hell. Tom wanted to keep the marriage but didn’t know how to bring peace to it. After several sessions it became clear that Tom’s affair was a desperate … Read more