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Summer Blues

Summer Blues

The sun is out. The sky is blue. So why am I feeling those old depressed feelings? Summer blues are not uncommon. In fact, summer time can bring into focus those old uncomfortable feelings. Why? Because when the sun and summer invite you to enjoy life to its fullest it is a reminder to your subconscious mind that you still have some unfinished business to take care of. Whether it be an unhappy relationship, financial problems, emotional issues or unresolved problems of any kind, we are never really happy until we face those problems and find some kind of resolution.

Perhaps the resolution is simply adjusting your attitude or cleaning out the closets or forgiving someone (or yourself). The answers are inside of you. Yes they are. You have the answers to your problems. Sometimes we could use some help in finding them, but the answers are there if you just have faith and look inside yourself. Spend a little time reflecting. Believe in yourself. You can get the summer blues behind you.

This may be your Great Summer where you finally put behind you some of those old unresolved problems from the past. You know that they will follow you into autumn and winter if you don’t. The more responsibility you take for your happiness and well-being now the sooner you will be smiling with the sun.

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