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How to Resolve Personal Problems

How to Resolve Personal Problems 1

We create our own life experiences through the millions of choices, large and small, that we make every day, year after year. These choices are often made unconsciously and are based on our core beliefs about ourselves, others, and life. The problems in our lives and in our relationships are created from our self-defeating core beliefs. Most of the time we are totally unaware of how we do this. Most people do not really know the true source of their problems, how they helped create them, nor how to resolve them. This is because most problems are symptomatic of deeper subconscious problems. The problems that get our attention tend to reflect other problems that we cannot clearly see. It is important to find out what these underlying subconscious problems are. It is only when the hidden problems are revealed that the problems that get our attention can be resolved. Most of the time what most people think the problem is, really isn’t. But how can any of us make things better if we are constantly struggling to solve a problem we can’t see or understand? It’s like putting out little fires with a watering can when there is a bigger fire right there that we can’t see. Even though the little fires may get put out, the bigger fire continues to ignite new little fires. Why spend all your time putting out little fires when you can put out the big one and prevent new little ones from starting? We need to see a clearer and broader picture of ourselves and our situation before we can know how to get what we want. But how can we do this when things are so hidden?

You think you already know the problem underlying your situation, consider this: If you knew clearly what the real problem is, you would already have resolved it. Once we are clear on things, we tend to automatically say and do the things necessary to correct things.

The processes in The True Seeker’s Guide To A Better Life (See Books, Audio Tapes, and CD’s) help reveal the hidden subconscious source of your problems. For some people the processes are like magic. Its results are often immediate, deeply satisfying, and open wide the door to resolution. Wendy Hill has been practicing and perfecting this process for many years. Working with countless clients has allowed her to make the process a loving and often profound experience of self-discovery. The processes help bring from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind the true source of a problem and the self-defeating feelings, attitudes, and behavior patterns that have contributed to the problem. The process then helps transform the unwanted feelings, attitudes, and behaviors into feelings, attitudes, and behaviors that support and enhance your life as you truly want it to be. The process helps you clearly identify the underlying reasons for your self-defeating patterns&emdash;the self-defeating patterns that you can’t seem to control. Wendy will show you how to experience your life and relationships the way you want to experience them–to be true to yourself, to feel, think, and be more loving, more able to receive love, more clear in thought and action, and more able to say and do the things you know you ought to be able to say and do. It will help you know the right actions to take and give you the will to take those actions. You will be in charge of your life.


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