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Hope For The Future

When life introduces us to what seems like insurmountable challenges it can be easy to lose hope. Hope for redemption. Hope for recovered health. Hope for love. Hope for a for a job. Hope for a normal life. Hope for forgiveness. You may have experienced a loss, made a mistake that had dire consequences, been repeatedly rejected, or your had your progress blocked at every turn. If so, please know this. There is hope.

Life’s challenges are opportunities for you to grow spiritually and emotionally. Consider that you may have read the unfortunate circumstance in your life as a message to quit, to give up, or to accept a burden. Further consider that the REAL message may be to change your perspective or to think differently about something. The message may be to keep trying or to try in a different way. The message may be to forgive yourself or someone else.  The message may be to open to love. The message may be to keep moving forward no matter what.

You are a spiritual being. That means that you have within you a light, a power to connect with a great loving power that can change everything. Become very quiet. Go within. Seek out that part of yourself. Then listen. Listen deeply. If you listen deeply you will find the hope you need. You will find the comfort and inspiration required to find peace of mind and the direction you need.

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