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Stress, Health, and Wealth By R.D. Cooper

How you’re able to deal with stress, will determine your wellness and wealth. All types of emotional and physical disorders can be caused by stress and thus effect mood and behavior. All of our thoughts enter our system as energy and those carrying emotional, psychological, mental, or spiritual energy are stored in cellular memory as biological responses. Learning to minimize stress is a function of mind-body activity that can be facilitated tremendously with hypnosis.

Stress shows up in everyone’s lives. It can come from our relationships, work or home environments, or any other situation. Our actions to stressors dictate how we’re affected and unfortunately many of us easily become overwhelmed. Millions of people around the world are trying to cope with the consequences as we deal with the challenges present in 2011. Much helpful information is available through The American Institute of Stress at where you’ll find 50 common signs and symptoms.

We try to not let stress and anxiety affect our relationships but it often does. When we find ourselves uncharacteristically being rude to co-workers or short with our loved ones, even snapping at defenseless children, it’s easy to see something needs to change. The behavior makes us feel even worse, which tends to increase stress levels even more, compounding the problem.

Hypnosis can often break the reactionary chain by giving us the tools we need to understand what the stress and anxiety is doing to us. When we “react” rather than “act” typically there is an underlying subconscious program producing that behavior. Caroline Myss, Ph.D. says, “Every thought you have had has traveled through your biological system and activated a physiological response.” “Some thoughts are like depth charges, causing a reaction throughout the body.” She provides an example of the physical manifestation of symptoms related to fear, where heart rate increases, the stomach may tighten, or you may breakout in a sweat. A hypnotherapist can calm anxiety and teach the patient how to activate thoughts and physical actions that can help alleviate those unhealthy reactions.

Sometimes there may be no logical reason for a fear. It is then you can be sure a subconscious memory from an unpleasant experience is activating that automatic reaction.  Example: A dog that frightened you as a child may be responsible for your aversion to dogs as an adult. “Viewing the event” again through access to the unconscious mind can then permit the logical conscious awareness to recognize there is no reason to “hate dogs”.

Hypnotherapy offers options to deal with anxiety and stress in such a way that reprogrammed behavior provides desired actions. You will be able to deal with everyday stress in a positive rather than a negative manner. This unfortunately does not mean that you’ll simply be totally and permanently shielded from the effects of stress. Events in our lives can be serious enough to challenge wellness over an extended period of time. An example would be dealing with the stress and consequences of a job loss. The competent therapist will help you understand that the “unemployment stress” need not be viewed as an absolute all or nothing event. “Positive” and “negative” define the same continuum and you have the ability to move your wellness gage in a healthier direction with specific thoughts and actions which can be learned.

Learning to mentally affect your physiology is one of the healthiest of undertakings available to you. Your body will thank you; so will your family and friends. Stress is linked to everything from the common cold, to AIDS, and cancer. A hypnotherapist can help you activate powerful tools available to reduce stress and boost your personal mood and wellness.

The author, R.D. Cooper, C.Ht  has maintained a curiosity regarding deeper sense of self, connectedness to others, nature, and the spiritual dimension for over 25-years.  He is a student, teacher, and guide who believes: Logically, if unconscious beliefs largely guide daily behavior, either limiting or empowering … why wouldn’t people want to truly understand how to powerfully step into The Greatest Reality Show on Earth … the one they write the script for everyday … and unlock the full potential of their original blueprint?  Hypnotherapy does just that.  Roy is associated with Wendy Hill, M.A., CCHT, a certified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in transforming self defeating core beliefs. You can learn more about hypnotherapy and Wendy Hill at her website,

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