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Beyond The Power Of Positive Thinking By R.D. Cooper

The ability to think positively is powerful, but alone it is not powerful enough to secure and maintain what you desire. I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist. People come to us for “every reason under the sun”. A new client will be asked “What’s going on”? They will provide a little story about what’s bothering them; what they’d like to improve in their lives. Usually what the client thinks is their issue or problem that needs fixed, is not the problem, it’s the result of a problem. Feeding positive affirmations to a subject helps them feel better and is therefore beneficial, but unless the core issue is revealed, permanent behavioral change cannot occur.

Let’s assume that you really enjoy eating an ice cream cone. Let’s also assume that if the cone had a scoop of doggy-do on it, that you wouldn’t enjoy eating that. Piling affirmations on top of an unrevealed negative core belief (a belief buried deep within our subconscious mind that defines our view of ourselves and the nature of our conscious reality) is like piling ice cream on top of crap. You can feel good and enjoy the ice cream for a while, but eventually you’re right back to that hidden crap from the past.

This whole conversation goes much deeper because we are such powerful beings, with an enormous amount of untapped potential. It’s important to clear-up the past events we deny or simply are not aware of if we hope to access the greatest expression of ourselves. Doesn’t it seem logical that mind-body connections would be obvious? All actions first required a thought. Millions loved the movie “The Secret”, but then many were frustrated by the fact that they couldn’t attract abundance through a practice of believing and asking for it.

The book by Napolean Hill, “Think And Grow Rich” has been called the greatest “success book” of all time, but did you know that “The Master Key System”  by Charles Haanel was one of the major inspirations behind both the book and movie mentioned?  The phrase, Law of Attraction was mentioned in Haanel’s book 100-years ago. It’s easy to keep going back further, to the wisdom written thousands of years ago, but what’s missing?

It seems to me that as society (of which I am a member) has moved forward in years, we want things faster and easier. Fortunately, from hardship can come lessons and tremendous opportunity. That which represents the most value, is not typically accessed and maintained easily. It takes the work of the warrior to go through the process of revealing what limits us, facing and slaying our dragons, and becoming authentic champions who guide others in the process. To reveal and derive the full benefit of the wisdom within great books or movies, requires our own inner work.

“Moving beyond positive thinking” means discovering just how powerful your thoughts are, why it’s important to be aware of the daily “negative mind chatter”, and how to calm those thoughts that don’t serve you well.

If you’d like to discover just how powerful your beliefs are, and how they carry far more weight than you realized in determining what you are capable of, I’d suggest you find an educated, experienced hypnotherapist who can offer lots of testimonials. You also might consider reading about a new field in biology called Epigenetics. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology, rather that DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including energetic messages emanating from our thoughts. We are what we think. If you accept that statement, how important is it to have a mind that is well-tuned?

The author, R.D. Cooper, C.Ht  has maintained a curiosity regarding deeper sense of self, connectedness to others, nature, and the spiritual dimension for over 25-years.  He is a student, teacher, and guide who believes: Logically, if unconscious beliefs largely guide daily behavior, either limiting or empowering … why wouldn’t people want to truly understand how to powerfully step into The Greatest Reality Show on Earth … the one they write the script for everyday … and unlock the full potential of their original blueprint?  Hypnotherapy does just that.  Roy is associated with Wendy Hill, M.A., CCHT, a certified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in transforming self defeating core beliefs. You can learn more about hypnotherapy and Wendy Hill at her website,

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