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Core beliefs affect your wallet

Apr 23, 2009
By Wendy Hill
How do you handle money? Are you rich, poor, or somewhere in between? Your level of wealth today may have been programmed in your subconscious mind many years ago when you were a child.

How you think about money and consequently how you relate to money is determined by your core beliefs about money. Core beliefs are subconscious attitudes you hold to be true about everything in life. Your money, health, career, and everything else about yourself and others are influenced by your core beliefs.

Up to about the age of ten we are highly suggestible. Everything that happens to us is a suggestion. Chronic conditions and high impact experiences are particularly suggestive.
High impact moments are experiences during childhood that are coupled with powerful emotions. It is during these moments that we make decisions about who we are, how to get what we need, and who and what everything else is.

These decision-making moments can last only a few seconds, then we forget. But the suggestions we give ourselves are set and can become core beliefs. From that moment our lives are directed by those beliefs.

You can change your experience of money by understanding and changing your core beliefs about money. Sometimes the child in you runs the show. Get to know and help the child in you and you change your adult experience.


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