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Willie’s Loves

Willie, my two year old labradoodle, comes to work with me every day. His job is to make everyone smile. When someone enters into the waiting room Willie can hear them. He raises his head in expectation, looks at the closed door to my inner office, and then looks at me as though to say, “Please, please let me run out and discover who’s there!” So I say, “OK, Willie, let’s go see who’s there.” If the person in the waiting room is a new client I squeeze through the door so as to not allow Willie to pass. I go greet the new person and say, “Do you like dogs? Because there is someone who can’t wait to meet you.” Fortunately no one has said that they don’t like dogs. So I say, “His name is Willie and he’s a two year old fur ball.” With that I open the door and Willie comes dashing out to meet his new person. Willie is so friendly and eager to say hello that immediately his eagerness is returned with at big smile. On occasion he is greeted back with what I call a “cute attack”. A “cute attack” is when Willie’s cuteness (which is considerable) elicits and uncontrolled moment of adoration. Sometimes those moment of adoration go on for a while. It can’t be helped. Willie has many loves.

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