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Spiritual Work Addiction

Dear One, after doing hard personal growth work it’s natural to want to take a break and relax a bit. Sometimes after we have had a spiritual experience as a part of our personal growth work we want to repeat that experience. We want that spiritual high. And why wouldn’t we? When we are spiritually connected within ourselves we have a taste of our real home and the unconditional love that comes with it. I wrote an article you probably read named Psychology and Spirituality The Essential Partnership. In this article I stress how important doing both our personal growth work and our spiritual works is. Doing one does not preclude the necessity to do the other. There is a danger, however, when we have done some heavy duty personal growth work in concentrating on reconnecting with the spiritual work and avoiding the necessary personal growth work. We must take responsibility for and face the yet to be completed healing of the past, of facing the difficult process of learning win-win communication skills, and to learn self discipline and balance of our thoughts and emotions. You must understand and come to fully know yourself and be free of all negative core beliefs. I understand the lure of wanting to pursue the high of spirituality. It can , however, be a trap and used to deny the necessity to do the other work. Do both your spiritual and personal growth work. Not doing so will cause you to ignore and risk the precious relationship with yourself and others. Avoiding your personal growth work and turning only to what you might call your spiritual work can become another addiction used to deny your pain.

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