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Money Perspective

Dear One, our conversation regarding money was a good reminder to keep perspective. You have been so fortunate in your life to have success and financial independence. The loss of income due to this economic slump we all find ourselves enduring need not rob you of a moment of peace of mind. You have your needs covered. Consider what most people in the world must endure. All you have to do is watch the evening world news to see the suffering. You are so lucky to have what you have. I’m reminded of the wealthy man who watches the ups and downs of the stock market, his health and well being determined by how well his money is doing. His blood pressure soaring, his temper on edge, and his mind focused on either winning or losing. What a waste when he could simply enjoy what he has. What a shame to give up his peace of mind over something that his ego is attached to being important. I think there is such a thing as having too much money or too little. Too little money can be a threat to your health and well being. Too much money can be a burden and shift your focus from what is really important in life. Be at peace, my friend. You have been blessed with more than enough money.

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