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Dear One, you are often in a rush. I like that you are helpful. I like that you want to do the right thing. But is not your rush to get to the next thing not robbing you of some wonderful pleasures?  There is great pleasure in even the smallest connection in a loving way with another human being. A prolonged smile is good. A slow conversation that allows you to actually listen to another is not only a give to them but is a gift to yourself. Allowing your eyes to linger in kind contact with another pair of eyes is good. Allow yourself to have these moments. They tell others that they are not just another obligation or piece of work for you. They tell others that you care beyond their momentary usefulness to you. It’s OK to make a sale. It’s OK to make money. Just put a little caring in the whole thing and you will please yourself beyond your ego need to achieve. You will experience the joy of actually caring about others and showing it. It’s fun and makes life more worth living.

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