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Upon greeting anyone your expression advertises your intention. On a primal level we humans need to know that we are safe with whomever we meet. Your smile says, “I am safe. You can relax. I am glad to see you and I will like you.” Of course a smile can be deceptive but for purposes of your every day life with others it’s an important welcome to give. A smile is so important that in fact it can literally bring a moment of happiness to another. I have a friend that cannot smile even when he tries. He never learned how important a smile is. It’s a shame because others won’t know the sweetness of his personality upon meeting him. A smile not only lifts others’ spirits, it lifts your spirit. A smile has an automatic way of shifting your attitude to one of cooperation and friendliness. I’m not suggesting that you become a phony in how you are with others or to smile when clearly it’s not appropriate. I am suggesting that given a choice when you are feeling OK, to smile. If you’re not used to doing it give it a try. You will see the difference in how you feel and how others respond to you.

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