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Importance of Desire and Warrior Spirit

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As a therapist practicing hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in Encinitas, California I am naturally interested in the subject of happiness. How to be happy can be a tricky thing. Here is a piece of the puzzle, my take on the relationship between desire and warrior spirit. Desire and warrior spirit are two related aspects necessary for … Read more

How To Have Self Discipline

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One of the most common problems I see in my practice as a therapist is the problem of lack of self discipline. Without the ability to discipline yourself your can be assigned to a life of procrastination, unfinished business, financial, emotional, and relationship failure. You can learn to discipline yourself if you are willing to … Read more

Clarity and Trusting Yourself

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Clarity gives you power. Clarity allows you to transcend confusion, ambiguity, and ambivalence. Clarity is the awareness of priorities; a recognition of what is important. By its nature clarity helps give you the impetus to act. A clear understanding of what is right and needed opens the door to positive action. Clear thinking is a … Read more

How to Have a Balanced Life


BALANCE Life exists in delicate balance. If all is in balance, life thrives in the full expression of joy and vitality. The quality of life diminishes as conditions become off balance. If balance is too far off, life ends. When you are in balance, you are a living expression of life’s abundance and joyous health. … Read more


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Learn about how to have the peace of mind that acceptance can give you. Hello, I’m Dr. Wendy Hill. I have been studying how to be happy throughout my life. Here is one of the keys to that peace of mind: acceptance. One of the more difficult lessons you are learning is acceptance. Everything in … Read more