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Live As If

What is your expectation of what your life will be? What do you expect your day will be like? Your subconscious core beliefs hold your deepest expectations. They draw you to choose and even create the quality of your life. If you frequently have negative or over dramatic experiences then you can be sure that you have participated in creating them from your subconscious core beliefs. Identifying and changing your subconscious core beliefs requires some deep soul searching and is best done with a therapist that specialized in transforming subconscious self defeating core beliefs. However, it does benefit you to take a look at your conscious thoughts. Ask yourself what your attitude is regarding your expectations of whatever is before you. This may take a moment of concentrated effort. Simply go within yourself and see what thoughts lurk below the surface. If you find that you have a negative or self defeating attitude turn it around. Live your life as if something good is going to happen. Approach others as if they are going to like you. Communicate as though others will happily cooperate with you. Do a project as if it will be a success. Live as if good will happen and you send out that expectation. Watch how things change for the better.

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