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A major cornerstone for well being is the experience of giving. In fact, giving to others is a requirement for happiness. This does not mean giving yourself away or giving away all your money or sacrificing your time to the extent that you cannot support yourself. It does mean opening your heart and giving of your love, your time, your money, your skills, your caring, or whatever else you have to give in a way that benefits others. And here is the big payoff for you: Every time you give from your heart your heart expands in its experience of joy. Try this experiment: Do some small unexpected thing today for someone else and notice how your feel. I’ll bet you’ll feel really good. Do it again and continue on the roll of feeling good. Make it a habit and I guarantee you that you will feel great most of the time. Giving can be a positive addiction. Infuse giving from your heart into your work, how you are with your friends and family, and when you are with strangers. A genuine smile is a form of giving. It’s simple and makes others feel good. Little acts of giving, big acts of giving…all will bring you joy.

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