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Single Man Can’t Adjust

After many years of being single a man falls in love with a woman who lives in a different town. They take turns traveling to see each other on week ends. The man enjoys his time alone during the week and enjoys his job which takes him abroad from time to time. The woman wants to be married and pressures the man to move in with her and begin their life together. Although the man loves the woman deeply he can’t seem to give up his independence. This causes trouble in the relationship as the woman comes to realize that her man will not marry her or even move in with her unless something intervenes. She asks him to go to counseling. The man agrees but continues to hold his ground. The counselor tells the woman that she can’t expect things to change and encourages her to move on. When the man realizes that he might lose his woman he reconsiders his life style and moves in with her. The adjustment is so difficult for the man that the relationship faces new troubles. The man thinks that in order to save the relationship he needs to move out. What would you do?

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